What can we do for our clients? We asked ourselves this question many times.
Here are our answers:

Provide quality work, the kind of quality we would like to receive ourselves
Serve and protect the goods of our clients
Deliver an environmentally conscious solution for your transport needs
Offer a fair and clear price structure
Be there (which means everywhere to us) when a client needs us
Provide the best liquid food-tanker for the job in hand

How do we do this:

How do we provide quality?
We have a very rigid quality policy. We don`t accept mistakes. If a mistake occurs, we analyze the situation and follow it up. We do this until we find a way to guarantee that this will not happen again.

What do we mean by serve and protect the goods of our clients?
We feel, the products we deliver for our clients are maybe the same goods we will buy tomorrow in the Supermarket, the same products which will be on our tables the day after - the products our families will consume. None of us would like to have food on his or her table which wasn`t handled with the highest care and respect for what it is - goods that keep us well and healthy.

How do we offer a fair and clear price structure?
No hidden fees, no hidden surcharges. What we propose is the exact price you will be invoiced for. All based on our terms and conditions.

How can we be more environmentally friendly? We have a special program which is very dear to us, Foodfreighters Go Green. It would take a long time to explain why, how and where we try to be more environmentally conscious than others, but if you are interested in how we reach this goal, please take a look into the News section of this homepage. We will occasionally post updates and give an outline about what we are doing about this very important project.

How we manage to be there where you need us? We have an enormous network of partners in Europe - we can honestly say that there are very few places in Europe where we wouldn`t be able to solve your transport needs. If you need our advice we are always, and we mean always one call away. 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. One central telephone number is all you need for all
out-of-hours inquiries.

How do we provide the best liquid food-tanker for the job at hand? Our partner network has certain minimum standards: stainless steel tanks, high grade isolation, highly trained staff, an appropriate array of fittings for most situations, high quality food proof hoses, security valves, internationally valid food transporting certification for each unit, and lastly, all units are foodstuff only. Most of the units are pressure stable or have a pump or compressor on board. Sterile filters are a standard, with pressure stable tanks. Heating systems are to be found on most units. Compartments are built to fit on most units, for safe delivery of wine and dairy goods.